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What are Different Body Worn Cameras?

What are Different Body Worn Cameras?
There are so many reasons why you need to get secret videos of people. One perfectly good reason is to catch illegal or dangerous behavior in the act. With body worn cameras, you can be sure that your subject will never suspect you of making secret videos since these cameras are cleverly disguised as common things or articles of clothing that you wear. In fact, all over the world, police are being urged to use body worn cameras to help take the burden off the court system. Check out the following cameras that may be worn on the body:
1. Hatcams – a cap with your favorite team logo may be placed on the front of the cap to create a complete illusion that this is just a normal cap. Inside this headgear is a small camera; the front part of the hat has a small hole where the camera lens can capture videos and a small microphone can record audio. Hat cams are the most popular body worn video cameras since it is very easy to use and very convenient to wear.
2. Bluetooth headsets – Bluetooth headsets are bulky and could house a small recording device that can take videos and audio. Simply wear this Bluetooth headset like you would an ordinary headset and with a simple click of a button you can active the recording device instantly.
3. Camera pins – any type of pin would do but the most famous is a Smiley pin. This makes use of a very delicate type of camera that can fit in a very small item. No one will suspect that you are wearing a powerful video camera that may even capture sounds from yards away.
4. Sunglasses – another very easy way to spy on someone is to wear a spy sunglasses. You can wear these glasses like you would any ordinary sunglasses; with a simple press of a button, you can start recording videos and sounds with huge memory storage. After you are finished, you can store files in your computer with the use of a USB connector. Sunglasses will really look like the real thing even comes with interchanging lens color making it more authentic than ever.
5. Neckties – neckties may be worn around the neck just like regular neckties but the inside is a small recording device. You will never get caught since these ties really look like the usual thing except that there is a small hole on the front of the tie to allow a small camera and microphone to protrude.
6. T shirts – there are thick shirts and blouses that may also double as a recording and a listening device. You can record long hours of DVD as well as capture thousands of pictures and store them in your laptop or computer. T shirts are among the easiest to wear but could be very inconvenient and uncomfortable especially when you perspire or move a lot.
7. Watches – looks like an ordinary watch but inside is a very powerful recording device and audio capturing equipment. You can use a spy watch camera to record in short distances as well as videotape subjects up close.


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